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Java Projects

Java Projects

Employee Manegment System

Designed and developed Employee Management System using J2EE, Servlets, MySQL and Java as part of a dynamic web based project.

Doctor Appointment System

Docter aapointment system is a simple java projects with source code for begginers from which students can learn how to develope.

Library Management System

Library management system is a simple and totally complete book library system. This system requires various kinds of jar files in order to run it smoothly.

E-Semester Registration System

The main objective of the java project on e-semester registration system is to manage the details of students, syllabus, registrations.

Faculty Management System

A web-based application that uses Java programming language. This application is used to keep records of faculty and has features to add details of faculty, update course and time.

Online Examination System

Online Examination System project in java. A java web application to perform the online examination. Complete java project with source code and with the database.

Attendance Management System

This project attendance manangement system, is a java jsp and mysql project which runs on the Tomcat server, you can also run this in Eclipse and Netbeans.


E-commerce applications are the backbone of today’s online shopping world. In this post, we will see how to build an e-commerce application easily using Java, JHipster, Spring Boot, and React.

Online Advertising System

Online Advertising system is the site project created using java and sql server. This project we produced for promotion offices.

Grievance Management System

The Grievance Management System is developed using Java Server Pages(JSP), Servlet and Oracle10gXE fully meets the objectives of the system for which it has been developed.

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